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E-readers may impede good sleep

Many of us like to curl up with a good book at bedtime. But if this book is on an e-reader our night-time reading ritual may not help either our sleep or our alertness come morning, a study finds.

What do we know already?
Ten years ago books and magazines claimed prime real estate on many people’s bedside tables. Today, these reading materials have often been replaced with electronic devices - such as iPads and Kindles - that offer e-readers.... read more

Dec 22, 2014

UK men living longer than ever

Almost half of deaths among UK men in 2013 were in those aged over 80, according to a government report on mortality. This compares with less than a quarter of men who reached that age 30 years ago.... read more

Dec 22, 2014

E-cigarettes may help some people cut down

E-cigarettes get a cautious thumbs-up in a new review of research on whether they help people cut down or stop smoking. But good-quality evidence is still thin on the ground and long-term side effects still unknown.... read more

Dec 18, 2014

Sex after heart attack: doctors give wrong advice

Younger people who have had a heart attack often get no - or incorrect - counselling from their doctor about resuming their sex lives once the danger has passed, according to new research.... read more

Dec 16, 2014

Yoga might help protect against heart disease

Yoga may be just as good as aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, at reducing people’s chances of heart disease and related problems, says a new study.... read more

Dec 16, 2014

Study supports theory that ‘men are idiots’

Ladies, you may have been right all along. Researchers say they’ve found evidence supporting what many women have long suspected: men are idiots and idiots do stupid things, sometimes with fatal results.... read more

Dec 15, 2014

Sleep problems linked to weight gain in children

Children who don’t get enough sleep, or whose sleep is affected by breathing problems, are more likely than kids with normal sleep patterns to become overweight, according to new research from the UK.... read more

Dec 11, 2014

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