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Keep arteries healthy to prevent erection problems

Men often have early signs of heart disease before they get erection problems, a study finds. This could mean that men who make lifestyle changes to tackle heart disease might also help themselves avoid erection difficulties.

What do we know already?
Most men will have erection problems at some point in their lives. They are especially common in older men. Erection problems or ‘erectile dysfunction’ means not being able to get an erection at all, or not being able to maintain one long enough to have sex. These problems can be caused by stress or by taking medications to treat another problem. But most erection problems are caused by other conditions, such as problems with the arteries in cardiovascular disease (CVD for short).... read more

Nov 19, 2014

Trans fats may hinder memory

Add this to the list of trans fat transgressions: regularly eating higher amounts of these fats may have a harmful effect on memory, at least in working-age men.... read more

Nov 19, 2014

Home dialysis may extend life for kidney patients

People who need kidney dialysis may be more likely to live longer if they choose to have the treatment at home, but only if they have dialysis six times a week, says new research.... read more

Nov 17, 2014

Smoking may increase chance of painful periods

A new study gives young women extra reason to avoid smoking, finding that those who smoke – particularly if they start at a young age – are more likely to have pain during their periods.... read more

Nov 17, 2014

Exercise offers extra benefits in kidney disease

If you have kidney disease, exercising three times a week may slow the decline in your kidney function, while also improving your heart health, a study suggests.... read more

Nov 14, 2014

HIV drugs safe in early pregnancy

Drugs called antiretrovirals have changed - and even saved - the lives of many people with HIV. Now a US study has a positive message for women with HIV who need to take these drugs during early pregnancy.... read more

Nov 12, 2014

'Care bundle' for emergency surgery saves lives

More people are surviving emergency abdominal surgery at four UK hospitals thanks to a new ‘care bundle’ guiding how hospital staff manage this high-risk operation. Researchers hope these findings will lead to changes across the UK.... read more

Nov 12, 2014

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