Infrared treatment

Doctors can use an infrared device to burn haemorrhoids away. This treatment is sometimes called infrared coagulation. It will probably relieve the symptoms of first or second degree haemorrhoids. For a description of the categories of haemorrhoids, see What are haemorrhoids?

Infrared treatment seems to work just as well as banding or injections.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Between about 6 in 10 and 8 in 10 people who have infrared treatment get rid of their haemorrhoids with infrared treatment. But it isn't used as often as other treatments.

One study found that people who had infrared treatment were more likely to be free of symptoms three months later than people who had injections.[3] People also had less pain straight after the treatment.

People who have infrared treatment may be less likely to have pain than people who have banding.[1] But one study showed that infrared treatment might not be as good at controlling bleeding.[7]

Last updated: Jul 31, 2014